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Biodynamic wine, a new trend in winemaking

What is biodynamic wine ?

Along with organic farming and organic wines; you may have heard about another word that refers to the same environment that is “biodynamic wine”.

Biodynamics refers to a new trend in the farming sector where the relation between the winegrower and the vineyard is closer and more respectful of the environment.

In order to get a biodynamic wine, winemakers tend to use no chemical additives (pesticides for instance) and reduce the implementation of copper and sulfur. Likewise, the winegrower will base his/her actions (plantation, harvesting…) according to a lunar calendar, a unique process compared to traditional winemakers.

The objectives of such actions are numerous: the winegrower aims to strengthen the vitality and resistance of the soil in order to get a quality wine. Homeopathic doses are also used in small proportions in biodynamics.

Biodynamic wine

A growing success for biodynamic wine

Biodynamic wine has seduced many winemakers over the years thanks to the approval of international wine critics Robert Parker and Jancis Robinson. As a result, 400 wineries can be found worldwide, please note that half of them are located in France (with Romanée-Conti, Nicolas Joly and Zind-Humbrecht for example).

Among all organic vineyards, 10% have adopted this new trend. Biodynamic wines are easily distinguishable thanks to the Demeter certification or new label Biodyvin.


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