Why should you try a Beaujolais red wine?

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Part of the tastiest wines in France, Beaujolais is part of the most appreciated products by wine amateurs. Petites Caves, expert in organic and natural wines, offers you a wide range of Beaujolais red wines from famous domains such as “Marcel Lapierre”, “Jean Foillard”, “Jean Claude Lapalu”, and “Yvon Métras”, for instance.


You can find all our Beaujolais red wines in our dedicated page, please note that each wine is described in details with more information about certification, grape variety, structure, vintage, along with our opinion on each Beaujolais red wine.

Beaujolais red wine


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Beaujolais red wine: more information about Petites Caves

Petites Caves offers plenty of natural and organic wines from the most famous French wine regions such as the Loire Valley, Burgundy, Champagne, the Rhone Valley and many more.


Please note that a specific tool has been implemented in our website that allows you to choose the wine you are looking for, from the region of your choice and more. You can select the wine that matches your requests via our natural wine guide.


You can find further information about our company via this page.

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