Applicable law and jurisdiction concerned

Conditions herein are submitted to french law.  Any legal dispute related to interpretation, validity and consequences of the present CGU (General Conditions of Use) and in the case no amicable agreement can be reached beforehand, the Nantes Court will be the only relevant court.


Protection Policy on Personal Data 


Web Site //


Identity of person liable for data processing 

The person responsible for data processing treated during web navigation on website or during appointment scheduling service is the company SAS Les Petites Caves with capital of 121 675€ whose headquarters are located at 8 rue d'Auvours 44000 Nantes registered in the trade and companies register of Nantes under the number 522 660 463.


Processed Data

In the context of navigation on web site, from subscription to newsletter, Petitescaves processes personal data, such as typologies of the following personal data :

  • Identification data and address (title, name, first name, phone number, email address…) ;

- Geolocalisation data (computer  IP address connecting to website) ;

- Data related to market research approval or refusal ;

- Data from navigation on website ;

- Data related to the use of emails and text messages (opening, clic, etc …) 

Data marked with asterisk on data collecting forms are obligatory. In the case those fields would not be filled in, navigation, subscription or use of website or use of appointment scheduling service could possibly be unavailable.


Purpose of personal data processing 

Personal data collected in a navigation context  of internet user on website, are processed by Petitescaves including following main purposes :

- From subscription to newsletter management ;

- Management, animation, improvement, personalisation of services  and offers,

- Market research ;

- Statistics development, reporting and piloting indicator ;

- Improvement of customer or potential customer understanding ;

- From subscription to newsletter management ;

- Rights to access requests management, rectification and opposition to personal data processing of persons concerned ;

- Management of cancellation and opposition requests to the Petitescaves newsletter ;

- Management of private space and mobile application ;

According to processing purpose, it will be based either on contractual obligation or on legal  obligation ; either on consent or lawful interest.


Recipients of collected personal data

Processed  personal data in the context of the loyalty program are dedicated to Petitescaves authorised services, in charge the program management.

Also, other recipients may have access to personal data, such as :

  • Authorised services from Petitescaves technical service providers .


Personal data sources

Personal data collected in the context of account opening service or subscription to a newsletter are collected directly from internet user (on the web site or mobile application), except for data collected during web browsing on web site, the latter are collected in compliance with conditions stated below 4.2 Policy concerning the use of cookies.


Information and holder’s rights 

In compliance with relevant legislation concerning the protection of personal data, any person concerned by  the process has a right to question, access, correct and delete data related to her, as well as a right to oppose for legitimate reasons and a right to oppose to market research for instance.

Also, the internet user has a right to restriction of the process related to her as well as a right to elaborate general and specific guidelines concerning conservation, deletion and post-mortem data communication.

The exercise of these rights are made by electronic mail to or by post to the following address : Les Petites Caves 8 rue d'Auvours 44000 Nantes, France, with the copy of a signed identity document.

At last, the internet browser has the right to bring a request to the National Data Protection Authority - Commission nationale Informatique Libertés (CNIL).


Data retention period

Personal data processed for the purpose of prospection and market research are kept in accordance with relevant applicable provisions.

Processed data are filed according to legal limitation and retention periods, including tax, commercial and financial.


Personal data localisation

Personal data are hosted on the computer server of a service provider located in France.


Use of cookies’ policy


Application fields 

This policy applies to cookies patented by Petitescaves when visiting the website.


Definition for cookies

A cookie is an information patented on your hard disk by the visited website server. It is about tracers patented and read while visiting a website. It  contains various data such as the name of the server who patented it, an identifier in the form of a unique number , possibly an expiry date.


Cookies purpose on website

In order to assist you in the best possible way and improve web navigation on the website, we use the cookies technology. They provide you with personalised navigation experience during each of your visits and allow to estimate the audience on

You may deactivate the cookies by following the instructions mentioned in the following clause g « Cookies management by internet user  »


Petitescaves Cookies use

Cookies used on our website are as follow :

- Audience estimation cookie 

This cookie only allows to provide anonymous visiting data statistics (number of pages visited, number of visits, frequency return etc…)

This cookie is installed when you go on with your navigation on the web sites of the Petitescaves group.


Retention period of data collected by cookies

Data collected by cookies are kept for a period not exceeding 13 months as from the date of the first visit on the website.  In that way, cookies are automatically uninstalled from your computer after a period of 13 months..


Management of cookies 

You may uninstall the cookies from your computer at any time by following the instructions as mentioned thereafter. You may also choose to block the setting up of cookies on your computer directly in the web internet user’s server settings.

Thereon, you will find more information on the way to proceed by clicking on the following link : 

However, please note that your navigation experience on the website will possibly be restricted.

The way to uninstall the cookies varies according to web browsers. Under Google Chrome, you will find the way how to proceed at the following address :

On Mozilla Firefox, you will find the way how to proceed at the following address : 

On Internet Explorer, you will find the way how to proceed at the following address :

On Safari, you will find the way how to proceed at the following address :


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