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It's not an easy job hum :) !

WHO ARE WE ?, is above all a team of passionate guys who keep their aim constantly focused on making you discover and enjoy the benefits of Natural Wine...

It is our sincere hope that beginners are introduced to natural wine and connoisseurs will be able to get some good tips and choose from our nice natural wines list 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We couldn't wish anything better for our business !



His favourite hobby ? : make you to come and visit our website again and again and spend all day telling others how great the website is !
Always cracking bad jokes !
He studied communication and marketing.


Attented a Business School.
Our indefatigable chairman.
Responsabile for the organization and financial issues !


Bitten by the Natural Wine bug !
A qualified sommelier.
So good at spotting the little wines that willexciste your taste buds...

Bandeau bas Qui sommes nous


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