But what is an organic product ?

What are organic products ?
They are often surrounded by a great deal of misinformation and uninformed opinions.But beyond simplistic statements, such as ‘more expensive’ or ‘more “natural,” ‘ should be the question “what’s really behind the ‘AB (organic)’ label and logo?”  

The answer is defined either in terms of production methods or regulatory statutes, the two being connected: in order to have the right to use the ‘organic’ label, it’s necessary that every step in the production follows the corresponding regulations, which of course have an impact on the methods used to produce the food.

In general, organic agriculture can be defined as a means of production having as its basis the respect for a natural balance in cultivation and growth. An organic product can be either a fresh agricultural product or foodstuff.

Production methods exclude any and all synthetic chemicals and genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and limit the use of additives, such as fertilizers, insecticides, and so forth.
Organic practices favor :
- crop rotation. Alternating the planting of vegetables and green fertilizers or deep-rooted crops that promote soil fertility and biological activity in the soil.
- recycling natural organic matter by incorporating organic material and the natural by-products of other organic farming activities in the soil.
- biological warfare.
- mechanical or thermal weed-killingque

In order for the product to be labeled organic, the rest of the production chain must also adhere to very specific requirements :
- the regulatory composition of the final product. At least 70% of the ingredients in the finished product must be organic, with the balance from part of a list of authorized agricultural ingredients.
- product treatment of organic agriculture may not use any other chemical substances than those authorized.
- ionozing is not permitted.
- closed packagingand/or containers are required in order to avoid contamination or substitution.
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