Who really decides whether your wine is organic ?

Q - Who allows a product to use the words "organic"?
What agency ensures compliance with ‘best practices’ ?

  A- State-certified agencies, of which there are six in France: Ecocert (which performs 80% of the quality controls) Agrocert, Aclave, Qualité France, Ulase and SGS. Their technicians check the winery’s production, processing and distribution while ensuring conformity with the specifications through observation, accounting audits, technical document audits, and analysis if necessary.

Food safety is one of their priorities (inspecting for mycotoxins, traces of antibiotics, dioxins and other pollutants).   Inspections are carried out at all stages of production, are unannounced, and take place at least twice a year.
The name or code of the certifying agency must appear on all organic products.. All companies must also declare themselves to the agency certifying organic products

Q - Who is inspected ?

  A– The grower, the winemaker, and the cellar master responsible for ageing the wine must notify the certifying agency of the program for each parcel.   Accounts must be maintained for all materials purchased (type, quantity, origin, intended use), as well as for the product sold.
The processor and the distributor are responsible for notifying the certifying agency as well. At each stage, from raw materials to the finished product, an inspection and certification have been performed. In this way, organic farming is the method that provides the consumer with the best guarantees. residual is greater than 2g/l.
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