Victory ! The Dijon administrative court decided to give back to Alexandre Bain the Pouilly-Fumé controlled origin appellation (AOC) !

After a long and fierce legal battle, «natural» winegrower Alexandre Bain will at last be able to proudly label his wine with the Pouilly-Fumé appellation. And we will drink it with pleasure : -) Indeed the Dijon Administrative Court decided last week to reconsider the decision taken in september 2015 by “the INAO” (Origin and Quality National Institute) to classify Alexandre Bain wines into Vin de France. At the time, a “disproportionate” decision taken by the Vins du Centre who considered that the winegrower had refused to submit to a compulsory control to be eligible to the Origin Appellation. A beautiful victory indeed for our Tracy-sur-Loire fellow, the only winegrower out of the 156 of the Pouilly Area Wine Federation to produce “natural wines”. « I hope to have opened the way since I believe another winegrowing method is possible. He said, “Why should it be us going out of the appellation ? It is the world upside down since we proudly defend the Pouilly-Fumé colors in France and out in the world » According to Éric Morain, lawyer of Alexandre Bain (and more generally the lawyer of the “natural” winegrowers), this case should become a reference. He thinks, rightly so, “that it is time to start a reform project of control and recognition of natural winemaking processes; it is a great victory for all organic and natural wine producers who fight each day against a ludicrous and bureaucratic system ! ». That is said ! Why not celebrate with our Vin de France classified bottles, and make the most of a few remaining collector exclusives ! >>


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