Denavolo / La Biancara / Pacina : Italy versione naturale !

From the Emilia-Romagna to the Tuscany, Italy has a lot of natural winemakers. Meeting with Denavolo, La Biancara and Pacina !

« Denavolo », is the name of the mountain overlooking the vineyard named after it. There between 350 and 600 m high on the Apennins foothill, Giulio Armani cultivates just over 5 hectares. His offer : maceration white only, favouring local grape varieties. Organic, delicious, the top of the Emilie Romagne ! >>  


Angiolino Maule (Biancara domaine) started his career as a pizzaiolo and went on for about 12 years ! It seems he had a good reputation. How does one choose the vine and natural wines ?! It is either in one’s blood or it comes as a call… However, thank to his work and savings, Angiolino bought around 6 hectares (at the end of the eighties) in the Gambellara hills, in the hamlet of Biancara. As an indication it is located between Verona at the ouest and Vicence at the east ! Far north of the italian boot. >>


History has been leaving its mark for centuries on that domaine and has made it a unique and magical place. The first generation of Tiezzi de Pacina established in these walls erased on foundations of an antique monastery (dated just before the end of the first millennium) just after the Second World War in countryside and land  that has always lived with natural biodiversity. Situated at an average of 300 m high, the Pacina hill leaning against the Chianti mountain is protected from North winds.   >> pacina italy pacina italy


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