Domaine de l'Ecu, the power of muscadet !

The “Domaine de l'Ecu” has had Organic Farming certification since 1975 and is working following Biodynamics principles since 1998 (Demeter label) on the overall of its 24 hectares. And that, thank to Guy Bossard, an avant-gardiste winegrower for a Muscadet vineyard. Since 2011 Frédéric Niger Van Herck has been running the domaine .

Sometimes we tend to forget that before all a great wine begins at the vine. The "Domaine de l'Ecu" has been aware of that since the seventies. While some people turned to technological artifice and wine standardisation, Guy Bossard, followed organic farming principles and biodynamics : soils ploughing, mastered yields, disbudding, thinning, manual harvest and biotope consideration. Guy is a true extraterrestrial! His beautiful Gneiss Muscadet vintages, Orthogneiss and Granit have widely contributed to call out amateurs to the existence of soils and subsoils able to bring out spectacular wines. Jo Landron is another example in the area ! In 2010, Guy Bossard seems ready to pass on to Frédéric Niger Van Herck, neophyte winegrower, ultra passionate though. Transition is done smoothly, perfectly for the best interest of the domaine. Sticking to true values, Frédéric elaborates personal cuvées (pinot noir, cabernet…), and launches himself into amphora vinification. Having dropped his job in Paris to renew with his roots in Nantes, he is like pigs in clover. Wine aging length has been extended (between twelve and seventeen months) so to develop the idea that muscadet for instance can be a beautiful long keeping wine. It is obvious that the terroir vintages of the "Domaine de l'Ecu" are true jewels. Beautiful wines to be found today on most prestigious tables in the world.


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