Jean-François Nicq, the boss of "Les Foulards Rouges"

From 1989 to 2001 Jean-François Nicq was in charge of the winemaking process at Estezargues cooperative winery (Côtes du Rhône), then bought his own vineyard the following year. Named « Les Foulards Rouges », the domaine situated in Montesquieu-les-Albères in Eastern Pyrenees got its name from the historical saga of the same name by Frédéric Fajardie. These days, the total area covers 15 ha and has been worked since the beginning according to organic methods.IN THE BEGINNINGJean-François Nicq steadily built his nest.In 2001, Jean-François ended his professional experience with Estezargues cooperative winery, after 12 years of good and loyal services as chief winemaker. Seeking for a vineyard, his choice went towards a 9 ha plot situated in Eastern Pyrenees and more precisely at Montesquieu-les-Albères. Magnificent vines on the natural border with Spain, the “piémont des Albères”, less than 10 km from the Mediterranean beaches.Looking for a name with true meaning for him, Jean-François chose « Les Foulards Rouges » in memory of historical thriller from Frédéric Fajardie.THE VINE AND THE VINIFICATIONInstantly, the choice for Organic and Natural methods stood out as a follow on from the experience at Estezargues winery. The vines were converted and vinification done naturally, without input ever. The soil is mainly granitic arena made of gneiss and is worked with sheep manure and organic fertilizer in order to help microbial life. Note:  20% of ploughing is done with the help of a young mule bought in 2009 called « Uma ».IN BOTTLEBased on balance, freshness and lightness, Jean-François Nicq cuvées definitely have this extra little something of this hot climate region ! 


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