Jean-Pierre Robinot, the angel of wine

Is it really necessary to introduce Jean-Pierre Robinot ? Founder of the magazine «Le Rouge et le Blanc» then manager of the parisian café «l'Ange Vin», the guy has been around the natural wine environment for ages, there his name echoes like the pope ’s in Roma.
It seems we do not take things seriously at 17. In Search of life motivation and passion, Jean-Pierre Robinot decided then to leave his Chahaignes village in Sarthe to go to Paris. Small jobs, ingenuity, then a revelation for wine at the age of 22.  He then cannot imagine his life without making a name for himself.Jean-Pierre Robinot developed his wine knowledge among those who produce it, winegrowers, people who talk about it and make it known, passionate, wine reporters. This is how he came across Michel Bettane…and launched with him  «Le Rouge et le Blanc» in 1983.He then started up a restaurant/wine bar, which helped him go for his wine long march, to taste and precisely define the wines he likes. He chose to carry out this venture rue Richard Lenoir in the XIth arrondissement of Paris at a time when Eastern Paris main characteristic was its deep popular typicity. It’s name : «L’Ange Vin».Then came a new step on his route. Determination to own his land, plant his vine and make wine his own way, with no sulphur, letting the juice of the vine play its part.  He then returned to the village of Chahaignes and spent 2 to 3 years looking for suitable wasteland on hillsides. Some of them had been in the state of “nature” for over 100 years. He produced his first vintage in 2002. In his first year he started from the basis, today he owns around ten hectares in the Coteaux du Loir appellation. He also runs 6,5 ha, in the Coteaux du Loir Jasnières. Of course he called his domaine : Les vignes de l’Angevin.His choice is clear and his confidence in wine is very strong. He goes for organic farming, no weedkiller; ploughing of the soil, vine stocks are treated with biological products and herbal infusions. Vinification is done with natural yeast mostly without sulfur or little. Barrels placed in “tuffeau” galery and time do the work. Jean-Pierre’s asset is his ability to be in symbiosis with his wine. Symbiosis that seduces natural wine adventurers today.


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