Natural Wine : The gist you have to know

Elaborated with grapes from organic farming, natural wine aims to revive the expression of a terroir, way from formatted and conventional practices. By rejecting the use of chemicals the “natural” winegrower, sensible to the respect of its environment, will create a live and free wine.
THE VINE These winegrowers are respectful of soil, underground nature, vines, grapes, and in the end of the wine lover. They follow strict specifications to get their wine certified by private certifying bodies linked to the AB label (Organic Farming) and/or to the Biodynamic (Demeter, Ecocert, Biodyvin...). It is then confirmed that the wine grower working methods lay on life respect, with no use of chemicals or synthetic products. There lays the basis of natural philosophy. By choosing ethic and responsible approach, the wine grower will plough his terroir with care. He is concerned by the underground in which the roots of the plant draw on and that way he protects the ecosystem. Emphasis is put on grapes, favouring quality rather than quantity. In line of organic farming, biodynamic vine growing is also used. It tightens the links between the winegrower and its vineyard by following the lunar calendar to work on the vine, and recommending homoeopathic preparations for healthy feeding of the soil.THE VINIFICATION Hand picking of grapes is prefered to mechanical picking. Only indigenous yeast are allowed to start fermentation process and the use of sulphur is minimal, (30mg/l for red, 40mg/l tolerated for white), sometimes non existent, (mention « Wine with no sulphite input »). Manipulations are soft and slow in order not to alter or cover the soul of wine : little or no wine racking, wine ageing on lees, low filtrations, etc. To sum up we can say that organic or natural wine grower takes care of the wine to make sure of bringing out the natural reflection of the juice.IN BOTTLE Attached to his freedom and emancipated from any constraint, the natural winegrower can do without the geographical and gustatory certification of an AOC. The wine can then be classified as « Vin de Pays » or « Vin de France ».ORGANIC OR NATURAL WINE : WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW Organic or natural wine is a free wine that sometimes needs taming... Sensitive, often fragile, natural gas presence is common. For that reason your wine sometimes deserves to be “decanted” (aerated in a carafe) a few hours before tasting, it is essential to help it soften and perfectly enhance its aromatic complexity. Let it reveal itself and share some beautiful and good enjoyable and convivial moments. 


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