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All prepared gift packs, healthy wines selected by us . Red or white , cheap or rare bottles. In short , the choice of 3 , 6 or 9 ! ...
Wine lover but not wine connoisseur ? You need help to choose your wines ? Find the wine you are looking for a few clics...
Wine growers telling you about their passion, a gifted man breeding wine in clay amphoras… Please discover our videos !
There are 2 natural wines in this category.
natural wines and organic wines from Domaine Ludovic Engelvin

Domaine Ludovic Engelvin


Ludovic Engelvin is a southerner, from Nîmes as well as a winegrower, but in no way is he “the son of”. Ludovic was not born predestined to maintain or perpetuate some existing heritage. He freely made his way through chance encounters in Languedoc.  

Natural wines from this winery

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Who are We ?, is above all a team of passionate guys who keep their aim constantly focused on making you discover and enjoy the benefits of Natural Wine...
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Organic wine or natural wine ?
Natural wine is elaborated from organic
or "biodynamic" grapes. A "natural" winemaker
makes wine without chemical additives and
with a minimum add-sulfur…
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