The Petites caves

Natural wines or organic wines , whatever the name, main principles are there: desire for all selected winemakers to offer organic  and bio-dynamical wines . Grapes often harvested by hand, wines with little or no added sulfites, wines worked with indigenous yeasts ... Respect for the genuine, for nature. ( Re) discover natural wines of our famous winemakers : Marcel Richaud, Marcel Lapierre, Philippe Pacalet, Vouette et Sorbée, Henri Bonneau, Overnoy, Arena, Breton, Métras, Selosse..., and those who begin to be known  : Grange Tiphaine, Gramenon, L’Anglore, De Moor, Sabre, Clos du Tue Boeuf, Binner, Foillard, Château le Puy... Loire, Beaujolais, Burgundy, Jura, Champagne, Bordeaux, Languedoc, Roussillon, Rhône Valley, Corsica or South-West of France, you will inevitably find natural wine for you !


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